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The Roles of a Community Developer and a Home Builder

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As a community developer, Qualico Communities Edmonton has many partners, including a variety of trusted Home Builders. Here, we’ll clarify our role in the community development process, as well as our professional relationship with a community’s Home Builders.


A community Developer, also known as a land Developer, owns a large parcel of land and leads the transformation from undeveloped land into a complete community. Throughout the process, we work closely with engineers, surveyors, planners, and municipalities. The end result is a cohesive community where people will enjoy living, working, and playing.

Planning and Infrastructure

The community Developer creates a plan for the placement of roads, homes, commercial sites, schools, parks, and other amenities. Before any home construction can occur, we collaborate with city planners and engineers to ensure the community will have all the infrastructure services it needs. This includes utilities such as water mains, storm and sanitary sewers, electrical, natural gas, and telecommunications. Our job is to coordinate the construction and installation of these necessary elements, many of which will be underground or unseen when the community is complete.

Outdoor Amenities

We take pride in adding attractive outdoor amenities to our communities. Our goal is to provide welcoming spaces like parks, playgrounds and multi-use trails for families to enjoy year-round. If you visit any Qualico community in Edmonton and the surrounding area, you’ll immediately notice its distinctive features. Here are just a few examples:

  • A first of its kind in Western Canada a High-tech playground in Marquis — This state-of-the-art structure has responsive sensors, sounds, and 360° LED lights for a highly interactive play experience.
  • Natural scenery in SummerWood — The community’s layout was purposely designed to retain its beautiful natural elements, including an environmental reserve, a scenic pond, and enhancements to the existing creek. The community also features an urban forest, community gardens, a basketball court, and six playgrounds.
  • Extensive trails in The Uplands — Follow the 8.5 kilometers of trails throughout the community to explore the nearby Wedgewood Creek Ravine. Along the way, you’ll also pass a storm pond, multiple playgrounds and an eco-friendly pollinator corridor.
  • Outdoor ice rink in Westerra — This seasonal skating surface is ready for play with boards, a warm-up shack, washrooms, and nets.
  • All Seasons Park in Cy Becker — Families will enjoy the refreshing splash pad in the summer and the skating ribbon and sledding hill in the winter.
  • Dinosaur themed playground in Meadowview — Inspired by a 2013 Hadrosaur fossil discovery in the area, this popular play space features prehistoric statues and dinosaur eggs.

Other Responsibilities

As the Developer, we create the consistent look and feel of a community through its Architectural Guidelines. This usually includes four to six distinctive architectural styles with specific exterior materials. We also promote the community, communicate updates, build amenities, and initiate new phases of development.

After all home construction is complete in a phase, the Developer typically maintains the infrastructure for two to three years. The city or municipality will then issue a Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for each type of infrastructure being transferred. From that point onward, the approved elements of the community become the municipality’s responsibility to maintain.


Once the Developer has been granted approval from the municipality to move forward, they work with engineers and contractors to create lots. The lots are constructed in phases and are then sold to Builders.

Once the Home Builders have purchased the lots from the Developer, they can begin selling to prospective home buyers. In some cases, the customer may be able to customize the home’s appearance and floor plan before construction begins. Buyers seeking a home that is move-in ready can select a Quick Possession or Spec home that is nearly or already fully constructed.

Depending on the Developer’s designs and the Home Builder’s offerings, clients may choose from a variety of Home Styles, including Single Family Front Garage or Rear Lane, Duplex, or Townhome. To give an example of the finished product, Home Builders construct Showhomes, where customers are welcome to take a full tour.

As you purchase your new home, the Home Builder will guide you through the purchase and home customization process. If you have questions related to your home or community, such as lot availability, pricing of specific models, or timelines, you should contact the Home Builder directly.

While the home is being built, the Home Builder will maintain close contact with you and communicate important construction milestones. Once you have moved in, they will help you protect your new investment by providing the provincially required warranty.

Ultimately, while the Home Builder is responsible for constructing your brand-new home, our job as the community Developer is to design the community’s physical infrastructure and enhance its overall setting through natural elements and outdoor amenities. We start the process from the ground up, and our mission is to create an outstanding community for you and your family.

For more information about Qualico communities in Edmonton and the surrounding area, please visit our website.

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