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Leap Year: Take A Day For Your Home

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7 Neglected Jobs to Tackle on February 29

2020 isn’t just the beginning of an exciting new decade. It’s also the year we correct that little hiccup in our Gregorian calendar by tacking on an extra day to the month of February. Happy Leap Year everyone!

With an extra day on our collective hands, we thought it would be perfect to tackle a bunch of those jobs around the home that often get neglected, but ought to be perfected. The details that keep our life neat and tidy and our living space divine.

So, follow along as we come up with a quick to-do list for your extra day that, we hope, will help you get a little more out of 2020 than you ever thought possible.

Clean your door handles!

Okay, don’t be underwhelmed. We’re pretty sure clean door handles is a big step toward that diving living space you’re going for.

But, most importantly, these always-touched-and-rarely-cleaned knobs, levers, and handles get neglected way too often and for way too long. So take a second and add some shine to your life.

Wash your pillows

Do you regularly wash your pillows? Few people do. But most synthetic versions are designed to take a dip in the washing machine every now and again.

Even though your pillowcase does most of the work of absorbing the oils that come off your hair and head, we can all agree that your pillow could use a bath, too.

Disinfect your phone

Don’t just breathe a hot breath on the screen and wipe it on your pant leg to get the fingerprints off. On February 29, take the extra step and disinfect that central piece of your existence.

Shine your keys

Living most of their life at the bottom of your pocket or purse, these keys are picked up, twisted, spun, squeezed, and dropped on a daily basis. But, when was the last time they were cleaned?

Pro tip: Give them a good scrub with toothpaste, wait 20 minutes, then rinse them off with hot water. Dry them with a clean towel and appreciate that shine.

Throw a dishwasher pod in your washing machine

This trick is all the rage right now. Toss a dishwasher pod into your washing machine and run an empty load with hot water. The soaps in the dishwasher pod will loosen stuck-on dirt in a way that nothing else can.

You can watch the wash water turn an impressively dirty brown before all that filth gets washed down the drain. Now that’s a nice trick!

Cushion covers

You may vacuum your cushions on a regular basis, but when was the last time they made it into a load of laundry.

With your recently cleaned washing machine, now’s a perfect time. You should, of course, check to make sure your cushion covers are made for the washing machine, but most are!

Light switches

For the last item on your list, get out some disinfectant and maybe some degreaser and clean your light switches as you shut the lights off on an extra-long February.

Now, you can wake up to a clean and fresh March 1st knowing you took care of a long list of long-neglected but ever-so-important items for your home!

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